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Buy Glo extracts online. Like all our vape carts, our Glo extracts cartridges uses premium terpenes blended into our cold-ethanol distillate.  These Glo Extracts Cannabis Cartridges are the best. Fresh out of the box, the scent is nice and strong. No other fillers are added….no P/G no V/G and no dilutants.

Glo carts are the best THC cartridges on the market. With the emergence of vapor cartridges brands, Glo Carts is ahead of the pack. Here is what makes it the best THC cartridges on the market.

Seeing the packaging around a THC cartridge is extremely important when purchasing the product.  As soon as you open up the box, the smell is pure and potent. The packaging is extremely secure leaving no room for leakage or any other issues.

You feel like you are getting a great product because of the exquisite design and superb packaging.  These cartridges are in pristine condition because of the high quality of materials used.

The packaging is dense and firm as it makes for perfect protection of the cartridge and everything inside of the package.

Glo Cart Flavors

Glo Carts has many flavors in their product catalog.  The most popular Sativa strains are the Jamaican Dream and Sour Diesel.  The Indica strains that people dream about are Master Kush and LA Ultra.  When it comes to hybrid cartridges, customers rave about Blue Dream and Cali Gold.  There are so many flavors to choose from, so try them for yourself and see what you like!  These flavors are all tested and can be verified by GLOTRACK to ensure that the product is ready to use.

GLO Extracts

Glo Carts uses a QR code that shows lab results of the cartridge to show the customer exactly what kind of oil they are consuming.  The GLOTRACK and the safety of the cartridges are what make Glo Carts one of a kind.  Every cannabis cartridge company should adopt a similar process.

The flavors are endless and tested to make sure that they are perfect.  The chemists at Glo Carts work endless hours to make sure that the customer is getting the perfect cartridge.  The fact that you can see the lab tests is truly something special and it makes customers feel really confident in the product.  When you get your cig box, look for the sticker over the Glo light bulb and that is how you will know that it is safe.

Also, No battery to buy.  We use CCell disposables that deliver quality clouds with every hit.

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