Zkittlez OG Auto


THC – 17%



Zkittlez OG Auto

Zkittlez OG Auto is a balanced hybrid that is easy, fast, and hassle-free. You can just set your grow lights to 20 hours per day and plant your seeds in soil or hydro, and she will thrive. Indoors, she won’t get taller than 100–130cm, so she’s still manageable even if space is an issue. Another plus is her high resistance to common cannabis pests and mould. After about 30 days of growth, she will start to flower automatically, delivering her bounty to you in record time. Her entire life cycle from seed to harvest is a short 70–77 days. Expect substantial indoor yields of up to 600g/m². If you plant the girl outdoors, she can reward you with up to 400g/plant.

A well balanced (50/50) Indica/Sativa autoflower, finishing in 10-11 weeks from germination, Zkittlez OG Auto will give out nice and sweet, candy and berry like smells and aromas as soon as it starts to go into flower, generally around week 5. Usually around 100cm, it will develop a nice branching with tight internodes that will get covered with almost white, trichome covered buds. Providing for a nice yield both indoors and outdoors, high potency and incredible flavor are this strain’s main advantages.

Her highly aromatic and frosty-white buds may give it away: Zkittlez OG Auto is a THC-rich strain and therefore very potent! This makes her not only a good choice for recreational users who enjoy good weed, but also therapeutic users who want a strain that can help ease aches and induce sleep. Her effect is incredibly calming and relaxing, but she won’t just knock you off your feet. You can still stay alert and focussed if need be, as her effect is also superbly uplifting and happy.

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To buy zkittelz OG auto online you can only look at one particular store which is astroweedshop we provide the best buds directly from Barney’s Farm. You will have noting but the best of Zktille experience, Because the aromas of Zkittlez  are sweet, tropical and fruity with candy, chocolate, berry and fruity flavors that are more than abundant and well expressed. Effects are quick hitting and long lasting – uplifting, alert and focused at first, progressing into relaxed, calming and happy. Buy Zkittlez OG Auto online and get 24/7 days service.

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